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About Us

Auto Air Conditioning RepairFunk Brothers Automotive Inc. has been in business in Los Angeles and servicing the Hollywood area since 1925. We understand you have choices in repair facilities from independent shops to the dealer. We also understand the pros and cons of both. Choosing among the many auto repair shops in Hollywood, Ca, can seem a bit overwhelming. After all, not all automotive repair shops are created equal, and choosing the wrong one can not only cause unnecessary damage to your bank account, it can also result in your vehicle not performing as well or as long as it was engineered to. Selecting a trustworthy shop from all of the auto repair shops available in the Los Angeles area is a skill, particularly with the complexities found under the hood these days.

Trust is a big issue in the automotive maintenance and repair industries today. Some things to consider:

Q: How long Funk Brothers been in business?
Funk Brothers has been a family owned and operated business since the 1920's established in hollywood California! With us being in charge for over 30 years we have seen many shops come and go, but we are still around and it's all due to our valued customers. Did you know that we have never advertised...all of our business is referrals!

Q: Who else has trusts in your services?
From families getting ready to take a trip to cars being driven off ramps! We at Funk Brothers Service cars and trucks and hold accounts with many major studios, collision body shops and hundreds of individual clients. We have worked on many motion picture vehicle from behind the scene staff and production vehicles to vehicle safety checks before stunts are performed.

We've all seen and heard the news reports of unscrupulous mechanics that take advantage of the consumer, using computers, sensors, and other high-tech parts, and cars complexities to sell. now more than ever, the consumer has to rely more upon the technical knowledge of the repair staff. When choosing from among the many auto repair shops, you should be looking for qualities and ways of doing business that indicate trustworthiness. If your stomach tells you otherwise it's probably not a good idea to leave your car. We are here to bring to you Dealer level service without the dealer level pricing. Our technicians are certified, trained and licensed to work on your car. They are ready to troubleshoot and diagnose any problems you might have or feel have for free!

We operate in an open manner – allowing our consumers to view the work area. We are delighted to offer detailed answers to questions, and are willing to take the extra steps necessary to making sure that the consumer understands what is being done and why it is necessary. Our pledge is to help you avoiding costly repairs, such as recommending repairs only when needed and giving attention to routine maintenance, keeping a sharp eye on potential future trouble areas under the hood, and taking the time to offer the consumer tips on how he can help improve the over-all health and longevity of a vehicle are a good choice. Rather than keeping the automotive maintenance and repair process a mystery, We will share our information and knowledge, keeping the long-term well-being of your vehicle and pocket in mind.

We are confident that when you spend a bit of time visiting our service center and talking to our staff, it will help you to determine just how interested we are in providing you with the reliable honest service you need.

Funk Brothers Automotive inc. 843 N. La Brea Ave Hollywood, Ca 90038,   Office: 323.466.3396
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