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Better MPG

10 Tips to Saving Gas (Tips from The Experts )


Keep up with the scheduled maintenance. A well tuned car runs more efficiently and consumes less fuel. Change the oil and filter every 3,000 miles and check for dirty air filters and low fluid levels.


Maintain the tire manufactures recommended pressure level. This is usually noted in the automobiles owners manual or the decal in the car's door jam. Under inflated tires will use more fuel as well as shorten the tires life. Check at least quarterly as temperature changes impact tire pressure.

Fuel Rating

Your owner's manual will have the recommended fuel octane rating for your car. If Your manual does not specify a high octane or premium fuel, there is no reason to buy it.


Keep the windows of your car closed. For pick-up trucks keep your tailgate UP! Contrary to popular belief, bed covers, mesh tailgates, and driving with your tailgate down actually increase your fuel consumption and decrease your gas mileage considerably.


Organize your day's activities to make minimal trips in your car. Make you goal to combine errands. The less you drive, the more you will save! Car pooling kids activities are a good idea.


On highways and freeways keep under the speed limit. Reducing your speed from 75 mph to 65 mph can save up to 12% in gas.


Avoid quick starts and stops. Anticipate red stop lights by not racing to each light just to stop and wait.


Do you know that restarting your car uses less gas than letting it idle? The rule of thumb is if you will be stopped for more than a minute, turn off the car.


Less weight in your vehicle, less fuel consumption. Take out any unnecessary weight from your trunk and passenger compartment.


Make a lifestyle changing decision about what kind of vehicle you really need. Sure SUVs are a necessity in most families, but buy one that meets your needs and has a higher fuel economy rating than other comparable models. Choose for your second family vehicle, a smaller car that has superior fuel economy ratings and use this one as much as possible.



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