Porsche 1600

We have had the pleasure of maintaining a Porsche 1600 speedster for a customer we have had for 20 years and thought you would enjoy it. One of the very cool features it has is a dual carburetor setup.

check the

..she’s a beauty!

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Hollywood Arson Fires (part 2)

On January 4th we posted a picture of a customer car that was burnt from the Arson fires in Hollywood. I have good news that the car is restored and the results are here for you to see.

Hollywood Arson Fires

I received a online inquiry today about a customer whose car was set on fire and is a victim of then recent Arsonist.  Car was just towed in and the front left fender and bumper melted from the heat of a nearby car that was set on fire!

Arson Fire

Thanks to the great response of LAPD and Los Angeles City Fire Department, the fire didn’t spread to our customers car but unfortunately the heat from the nearby vehicle did. Could of been a total loss.  i will post pics of the car back up and running.